The Finger Lakes (The Finger what??)

posted by admin on May 14, 2012

I live in Brooklyn living a stereotypical Brooklyn life including a dog and trips to the Farmer’s Market.  But it also includes an NYFD ambulance dispatch a few blocks away (hello sirens at 3am) and the soot and traffic that comes with living on an industrial thoroughfare.  Green only to a point.

This weekend I was reminded that nature lives upstate in NY.  We drove up to the Finger Lakes area of the state and, God damn, is it gorgeous on a stick.  The water in the lake, in our case Skaneteles Lake (pronounced Skinny-atlas), was see-through clear and the air was divinely fresh.  The only hitch is that it’s vacation country for city-slickers like myself and the hotels in the area can be pricy.  We paid $180 for a room with two queen beds at Finger Lakes Lodging, run by the Mirabeau Inn and Spa.  And it was nice, but not much for the money.  What about hostels?

There aren’t many around the Finger Lakes and I hear they’re not the drop in kind; it’s better to book ahead.  Still, why should only rich NYCers get to vacation outside of the city? Go on and get some air here:

Amazeing Acres
9803 Lodi Center Rd.
Hector, NY 14841

Canaltown Hostel
119 Canandaigua St.
Palymra, NY 14522

Downing Hostel
535 Oak St.
Syracuse, NY 13203-160

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